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Ladies Checkout Surprising Ways To Test Pregnancy At Home


Although the scientific method of testing pregnancy is the most recommended, it is possible to do it yourself right from the comfort of your home.

Before the scientific inventions, people used traditional methods to test pregnancy which were readily available and affordable. Some of these techniques can still be used today but it is also necessary to visit the doctor for the sake of your health and that of the baby.

Here are some of the methods you can use to find out if you will soon be a mom:

1. Stored urine

This is the easiest way to test pregnancy at home as all you need is a jar and your urine. First thing in the morning, collect your urine in a clear jar and store it for 24 hours. If there is no change, it means you are not pregnant. However, if you note a thin layer formed at the top of the urine, then be ready to be a mom.

2. Toothpaste

We all have toothpaste at home and you can also use it to tell if you are pregnant. Put white toothpaste in a clean bowl and add your urine. Let it sit for some hours and check for changes. If the mixture does not change, it means the results are negative. If the toothpaste starts to foam or turns blue, you are most likely pregnant.


3. Bleach

Most people have bleach in their bathrooms for laundry purposes. If you are nervous about visiting the doctor for a pregnancy test, you may try using bleach to tell if you are expectant. Collect you first urine in the morning and add bleach powder to it. Be sure to use pure bleach which is not scented for better results. If you are pregnant, there will be bubbling and foaming. However, you need gloves while doing this and also do it in the open as the solution can be reactive.

4. Sugar

Times may be tough and you may not afford visiting the doctor or buying a pregnancy test kit over the counter. But there might be some sugar lying around in your kitchen and this can help you out. Put sugar in a bowl and add your urine to it. If the sugar dissolves, the results are negative. However, if the sugar clumps together and fails to dissolve, there is a possibility that you could be pregnant.