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See 12 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life!!!Number 2,6, 8 And 11 Are Unbelievable [Photos] – Must Read





You know that eye opening moment, when you realise you’ve been doing something totally wrong you’re whole life? Well here are 12 things that’ll make you feel just like that!

1. Peeling a hard-boiled egg isn’t as tough as it seems. You’re supposed to crack the shell all over by rolling it over a hard surface to form hundreds of little cracks. Or shake it around in a glass. Then the shell will just fall right off.

2. You know those tiny paper cups in McDonald’s, used to put your ketchup in? The ones that hold hardly any ketchup? You’re actually meant to fold them out into a larger cup, so that they hold more red sauce.



3. Monopoly always seems to take forever to complete. But that’s because you’re not following the (correct) rules! Apparently, any property not purchased should be put up for auction so other players can purchase it. And the starting bid can be whatever they like.

4. You’re supposed to put your straw through the little hole on the lid top of your can of fizzy drink as it stops the straw floating up.


5. To dispense Tic Tacs, just put the pot on its side and open the lid. The tab is designed to present you with one sweet at a time.

6. Hair grips are supposed to be put in, flat side up! That way the jagged side can grip your hair more securely and then the flat side will be on show.



7. The hole in the handle of your cooking pots is to balance your wooden spoon, when you’re not using it to stir. That way you won’t get a messy counter top when you put it down, and the spoon drips straight back into the pan.

8. The best way to peel bananas without damaging the fruit is to peel from the bottom to the top.



9. Apparently, when slicing a cake, you should cut it in lengths straight through the middle. That way, you can push the two halves of the cake back together again to keep it fresh.

10. Apparently, beer bottles were designed with a long neck as that’s where the bottle is supposed to be held. That way you can get a firm grip, and not warm up the beer with your hand.


11. When you buy new earrings and the stud back has clear plastic around it, you’re supposed to take the clear part off, so you’re left with just the stud.

12. Did you know, that tiny pocket on your jeans (the one inside another pocket) has a purpose? And no, it’s not for holding pens! It’s actually for a pocket watch, designed for cowboys in the 1800s.