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Top 10 Small Girls With Big God in The Nigerian Entertainment industry – No 2 claims hers is very Big



I am going to do a run down of the top 10 female celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry who seem to have big gods, despite being small girls.

One peculiar characteristic of all these women is that they love to spend money extravagantly on material commodities. They seem to have an insatiable taste for expensive shoes, designer bags and luxurious accessories and they are always eager to flaunt them.

Another trait they share is that they travel around the world frequently, and when they do they usually fly first class or business class.

Another striking feature of these women is that the jobs they present to the public as their source of income doesn’t square with the kind of money they spend. Certainly their god must be supplying their needs from other directions we don’t know of.

The last unique trait they share is that they don’t have husbands. Some of them did before but are currently divorced. What this indicates is that their affluence isn’t from a husband, but solely a product of their hardwork and the benevolence of their Big god.


I don’t know about you guys but I want meet the god of these women. Me sef want to fly first class and tour around the world and buy designers. Their god must really love them sha.


10. Biodun Okeowo

9. Halima Abubakar

8. Ini Edo I know some Ini Edo’s fans will not agree with this one, but she is actually a small girl with a big god. Argue with your phone of you no agree.

7Juliet Ibrahim

6. Jackie Appiah

5. Mercy Aigbe

4. Ebube Nwagbo

3. Chika Ike

2. Toke Makinwa

1. Daniella Okeke